Life on The Cummings Farm

In the past two months, new life and many exciting things have happened on our farm. We not only have started remodeling some of our house, but we also have started to build our greenhouse/garden.

A few weeks/couple weeks ago our two sheep, (Caroline and Mary) both had twins. Mary had a boy and a girl and they are both healthy and bouncing around the yard. Caroline had two girls, but one passed away a week or so ago. Caroline’s other baby is also healthy and running around.

Many of our chicks are hatching from the incubator and we also have 9 chicks out in the bard. Tiger one of our cats, had 5 kittens a couple months ago. Lei lei kept one of the girls and named her June. We gave away the two other girls to one of my friends, but then kept the two boys and named them Squeakers and Stormtrooper.  Zoe our other grown girl cat just had two babies a few days ago.


Peter and Wendy!

So, this past weekend I was in my very first musical/play, Peter and Wendy! (Peter Pan.) I auditioned last Monday, and got one of the leading roles as Wendy! I was very excited, and lol very very nervous. I had a total of 66  lines, and I had a singing solo. We had practice each day that night until Friday evening, where we had a a dress rehearsal and then put on a show! Then, the next day, Saturday afternoon, we put on our last show. After doing this performance I realized how much I enjoy drama and theater. This summer, (I am still praying about it) I may join the high school drama club at Bonners Ferry High School. :))))IMG_0355[1]IMG_0356[1]

It’s Beginning to look a lot Like Christmas :)))

My family and I put our Christmas tree up, and are now listening to Christmas Music, and getting into that holiday spirit :)) The temperatures are dropping into the teens, and the forecast is calling for 5-8 inches on Thursday!

I definitely enjoy this time of the year the most… It is not only about the “stuff” of this world, presents, snow, and  other Christmas traditions… sure those things sure to make Christmas, well Christmas to my family and I, but it is all about our savior Jesus Christ being born into this world. I love studying his word with my family and friends, and getting into the Christmas spirit ;))) Hopefully some snow will come our way soon… Let the snowboarding begin!!! :))))

Please Pray…

If everyone could please keep my dad in their thoughts in prayers. He has been going through a rough recovery from his surgery, and my family and I are still waiting for test results. Hopefully these test results will tell us what situation is going on his nose/mouth. I will definitely be keeping y’all updated. 🙂

Have a blessed day ;)))