Family Trip 2017; Disney World!

These past 2 weeks were definitely a huge blessing. And below is the 2 weeks in a nutshell :)))

February 1st: we left Idaho, and drove to Spokane WA to catch our first flight to Minnesota. From Minnesota we flew to Charlotte. From Charlotte we rented a car, and drove to South Carolina/West Columbia where my grandparents live.

February 2nd: Was the first of the three days of cutting down 10 trees. Worked the whole day, and as I recall, we cut down 6 trees that day.

February 3rd: Was also a full day of work. We cut down 4 more trees, but only had one to cut up the next day.

February 4th: Was a half day of work. We cut up the last tree, and then we were done. I also went and visited my friends today, and spent the night with them.

February 5th: Came home from my friends house, and we then watched the Super Bowl with Nick and Christi.

February 6th: Was a full day of packing and preparing for our drive to Florida. I did some school, so I did not have to do any on our vacation at Disney World.

February 7th: We drove to Florida, and arrived at our Rental House around dinner time. My siblings, hailee, and I went swimming in our pool at our rental house.

February 8th: Was our first day at Disney World. We went to Magic Kingdom, and rode some rides like Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and we also saw some Disney characters. After a day of walking around Disney, we watched the firework show, and then headed back to our rental house.

February 9th: Was my personal favorite park. We went to Hollywood Studios, and there we hung out with Aunt Keri, Edward, Tory, and Brianna. That day we also rode some fun rides like Tower of Terror, Aerosmith, (which was my overall favorite) and we also saw some more Disney Characters. This day we also watched a Frozen musical. Afterwards, we had a BBQ at our rental house, and Aunt Keri, Edward, Tory, and Brianna came over and swam and hung out.

February 10th: Was our last day at Disney. We went to Animal Kingdom, and My Aunt and cousins also hung out with us that day to :))) We also rode some big rides like Everest. We watched a Finding Nemo musical, and rode some little rides for the little ones.

February 11th: We packed up, and drove to Grammi and Poopa’s house. We also stopped at a beach before leaving Florida. Tonight I spent the night with Kendall, and we went out to eat, and hung out at her house.

Below are pictures from Disney.

February 12th: I went to church with Kendall in the morning, and then afterwards We went to the park, so everyone could visit old friends. Mom and Dad visited some friends, and so did Sara and Sammi. After the park, we went to a family dinner at Carolina Wings with Papa and his girlfriend, Chloe, Aaron, Aunt Bev and Uncle Jason, Hailee, Uncle Roger and Aunt Misty, and Grammi and Poopa.

February 13th: I did some school in the morning, and then later that night we went out to eat with Nick and Christi, Mr. John Bailey, and Mr. Grant, and Ms. Sara.

February 14th: we all gave eachother some gifts and chocolate since it was Valentines Day, and I also did some school. Later that evening, was our last dinner with Grammi and Poopa, and Uncle Roger and Aunt Misty, so we had a BBQ, and then had a bonfire and roasted some marshmallows.

February 15th: We packed up, and drove to Charlotte to catch our first flight to Denver. From Denver we flew to Spokane, and then we drove home.

Below is a picture with Grammi from our family dinnerimg_02531




Seattle Time!

Had an amazing opportunity to take a road trip to Seattle for a swim meet this weekend…Definitely an amazing city, and an amazing time to explore Seattle, and spend some time with some friends from the swim team…but I am grateful to be back home with my family :)))

Drove up Thursday, and stopped in Ritzville to eat some lunch at a cute cafe in town… It’s kinda like your receiving lunch from your mom… haha but it was very good. Once we got to our hotel we unpacked, and then drove into Seattle which was about 30 minutes away from our hotel. We walked around the city for awhile, went shopping, and then went and ate dinner also in the city.

Friday morning, I swam two events, and then I was done went out to lunch at a cafe near our hotel… That night we ate ate a restaurant right next to our was very very good! After dinner, my friends and I walked over to Cold stone to get some ice cream ๐Ÿ˜‰

Saturday morning I swam once again, and then after the meet we went into Seattle once again. That night we went up into the Space Needle, ate at the rotating SkyCity restaurant, and looked at the AMAZING view! Afterwards, we walked around the city, rode the Ferris Wheel that is on Elliot bay, and then went to Red Robin to have some dessert.

Sunday Morning I swam the last time, and then afterwards, went to lunch at a pizza place. Then

we drove home… I got home around 8:30..I am so glad to be home…and sleep in my own bed haha ๐Ÿ™‚

It was definitely a HUGE blessing to be able to explore Seattle, and spend some time with friends ๐Ÿ™‚

First Time Driving South…

This past weekend was quite the beautiful adventure. As me, my mom, Sara, and Sammi, were driving to Moscow for my swim meet…. We had the experience to see the city Moscow, and see GIANT hills with no trees…. Hills for miles upon miles…. ย It may seem boring, but it was truly amazing to experience. Especially the sunset in the background as we were driving. ย The University of Idaho was an amazing campus to be on, and the time I got to spend with my mom, and my sisters, was very blessed..img_35651img_35671