First Long Course Meet of The Season!

This past weekend my family and I traveled to Lewiston for my first long course swim meet of the season. It was a really good meet for me, I got to set some good times to work from on my next swim meet. The family had a really fun time; we camped outside in a tent for two nights since a campground was right across from the pool. I had alot of fun at the swim meet and placed well in my age group.



IES Championships! (A Champs)

Last weekend was the last meet of the swim season (short course) for me. We drove to Moscow to the University of Idaho. It was a super fun filled blessed swim meet! I added and dropped time in a variety of events, and I placed 6th out of 39 girls in one of my individual events. I also placed 11th in two other events. I am taking a break from swim team for a month or so, then hitting it back up again for the beginning of long course season, which starts in about 2 months or so. 🙂

Washington Open :)))

This past weekend was my third swim meet with SWAC.. It was a great meet! I dropped time in all of my events except for the 100 Back, but I only added 0.06…so basically I got the same time 🙂 I got a DQ in my 200 IM because of a new rule they created this past year… Other than that, It was definitely a good swim meet for me! :)))


This first picture is me pointing to the DQ ice cream sign, right after I got a DQ in my 200 IM…hahaha being a good sport about a disqualification in my event!! :))))img_77331


Second Swim Meet

Two weeks ago I completed my second swim meet for this season, and boy was it a blessing! I dropped time in all my events except one, and I made Washington Open in three events 🙂 I placed overall in multiple my events, and had a great time! I can definitely see working in my life and putting me where I need to be for swim team….

My next meet is in January, and it’s the Washington Open! Please be praying for safe travels and God speed! ;))))

First Meet in Idaho :)

My first swim meet was a success! I got visit the University of Idaho, (which by the way, is an amazing college.) And, I got swim in my first swim meet in Idaho 🙂 I set very good times to work from in my next meets. I placed 3rd overall in my age group, for the 100 Free. I dropped time in all of my events (which is good)  except for the 100 Fly. I really enjoyed this meet, I had a lot of fun, and I am super excited for the next meet. img_35741img_73651img_73661

Back at it Again ;)

Back in South Carolina I was on a swim team for about 3 years. I loved to swim, and I especially loved to compete in meets. I really liked my routine I had, wake up, school, and then swim practice till 8, four days a week. Then swim meets on the weekends. Well, that schedule that after I found out we were moving to Bonners Ferry Idaho. Idaho? Never heard of it? Well that’s honestly to bad because Idaho is a amazing state to live in, and Bonners Ferry makes it even better…. Anyway, we sold our house in 3 days, so we went and lived in my grandparents pool house for 2 months. Around mid September, we packed up the U-haul and drove for 2 weeks until we reached Bonners Ferry. We rented a house for about  a year, then God opened a door to this magnificent property in Naples. It is truly our families dream property. So, we start building Lei Lei and Pop’s house, and also start remodeling on the house that is already on the property.

After about 3 months on the new property, I still was thinking about joining the swim team down in Sandpoint. I mentioned it to mom and dad, and they said they would think about it. A couple weeks later, I got this question from dad, “Are you willing to put in the dedication again?” I knew that answer, of course swim team is fun, but in order to achieve goals, you have to have determination, and put in the dedication. I gave my answer, and sure enough that next week mom was driving me to Sandpoint at 5 am.

I now have been on the swim team for about a month and a half, and it is very difficult.  Taking a year off really affects how you swim a year later, but I am very determined to reach where I was before, and I am improving each week. With the support from my family and friends, and the help from my new coach, and my faith in Christ Jesus, I know for sure that I will get to where I was.

By the way…. My first swim meet is on October 30th.. I am beyond excited :))))